Website Hosting Ocala

SMI Webdesign offers Website Hosting for Websites it manages for it's customers. When you hire SMI Webdesign you will receive the best website services offered in and around Ocala Florida. Many people wonder what exactly Website Hosting is.

Website Hosting is basically an online software program on the Internet that holds and maintain files that make up your website. It is sometimes called hosting. This website hosting platform holds the pictures and pages that you or a web designer make for your website. Most websites are made by a website designer and developer which use a web design program to make up the website. This website is then uploaded to the Webhost via a program called FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Once it is uploaded the Website Designer or developer then test and tweaks the website to make sure it is working.

A Domain Name is an important part of this puzzle. Without a domain name the website will not be live like you see online. Sometimes before a domain name is pointed to the DNS server of the hosting platform your website is put on the web host manager (Designer or Developer) will use an extension name such as When using DYI online Website builder the website builder company is also the hosting company. They also provide the opportunity to purchase your domain name through them. I caution this process because many online website builder companies use your domain name as leverage so that you will always have to be with them or lose your rights to your domain name. Visit my Domain Name Service page for further information.

When you invest in the webhost services of SMI Webdesign you can be assure that we will give you the utmost services and rights you deserve. 

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