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SMI Webdesign manages many Domain Names for it’s customers. We have purchased, registered and transferred domain names upon our customer’s request. If you have a question about a Domain Name Contact Us or Call.

There is so much information about Domain Names it can get a little confusing. A Domain Name is a unique name given to a website you own. Domain Names have been used for several purposes like a sales page, redirect link, a blog page, an educational site, a Government site, a personal page and a business website page. To obtain a Domain Name you would have to go to an online Domain Name registrar or have your web designer/developer to register one.

Domain names can be either inexpensive or really expensive depending on if you are making up a new name or buying an expensive existing name. Many online website builder companies allow you to order one through them as a service but I do not recommend this. I also do not recommend you allowing your website designer or developer to purchase one for you unless you get in writing that if you decide to leave them, that your Domain Name is yours for a small to no transfer fee. This is because whoever registers the Domain Name has the exclusive rights to it as long as they pay the yearly renewal fee. Tip Top Website is really bad at this. They are an online website builder company in Florida that will do anything to keep your Domain Name if you register it through them. This is how they keep you using their services.

Places like Godaddy.com and Network Solutions would be a good source to purchase a Domain Name yourself. Once you purchase a Domain Name you can have it pointed to whatever website you or a web designer would like. SMI Webdesign specializes in managing, purchasing and setting up Domain Names. They give you exclusive rights to your Domain Name and can purchase and manage one for you within their fee. Contact us on how we can do this.

Because there are literally over a Hundred Million Domain Names registered it can be challenging getting a Domain Name that best suits you and your business needs. If you are a business I suggest that you try to get one with your business name like we have in SMI Webdesign. There are also several extensions you can use besides the .com extension. Here are some Domain Name extension examples.

  • .com Most used extension for Internet Websites.
  • .edu Extension used for educational sites .
  • .firm Extension for a business. (Not the first choice of businesses)
  • .gov Extension used for a U.S. government Websites.
  • .mobi Extension for Websites made for mobile phones.
  • .net Extension used for Internet administrative sites (But 2nd choice if .com is not available).
  • .org Extension used for organizational Websites.
  • .store Extension used for a retail business Websites.
  • .web Extension used for a Website that is about the World Wide Web.

There are several more but the above listing are the most popular ones. When thinking about a Domain Name I would suggest you take your time and write down everything you think would be good for you or your company. Try to get a Domain Name that has no underscore or hyphen before going to those choices. Once you go to a Domain Name registrar and type in the Domain Name you want the Domain Name registrar website will tell you if it is available along with showing you examples of available similar names and extensions. You may also want to search for expired Domain Names in your favorite search engine.

Some people have asked me, “What happens to a Domain Name if it expires”? Once your Domain Name expires it will usually be available for a hire price or go into a Domain Name auction. Once in an auction professional Domain Name buyers will pay top dollar for it beyond what you would be willing to pay for it. I had a customer (They were not a customer at the time) call me because their web designer and manager had let the Domain Name renewal expire. It was registered through godaddy.com. I contacted go daddy and they said the Domain Name went into auction. I had paid $25 to be able to participate in the auction with the okay from this customer. Once in auction we set a limit for $150. The bidding went way higher than that before it was purchased. Several days later I got an email trying to sell me this domain name for $20,000.

My advice to this customer was to buy the Domain Name with a different extension so I purchased headhomes.net. I still manage and maintain this customer’s website and Domain Name making sure that the Domain Name is on automatic renewal. Whatever you choose to do, just remember that SMI Webdesign can help you with a Domain name you choose.


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